Masks optional at Montour High School for two week trial period

KENNEDY TWP, Pa. — Inside Montour High School, things are looking a little different, as masks are now optional for a two-week trial period.

“It’s been nice to see their faces I have to say when the kids come in in the morning and their smile hits you it’s a nice way to start the day, I forgot what it was like,” said Todd Price who is the High School Principal.

The district is closely monitoring the COVID cases before implementing the same process in the middle school then the elementary.

“Our numbers have been great, actually steadily decreasing with the return from winter break, with a small blimp but then we quickly came back down,” Price said.

The district surveyed parents before implementing the tiered approach with more than 60 percent wanting to go to optional masks, but still some doctors believe it’s too soon.

“Each time you see the numbers go down you hear of another variant popping back up and each one is uniquely different,” Dr. Michael Petrosky said.

Dr. Petrosky with AHN sees the frustration from parents wanting their kid’s freedom from masks but believes we should wait to see about six to eight weeks of declining numbers before making big decisions.

With how quickly things got really bad over the holiday season. I would want to minimize that as much as I can,” Petrosky said.

If a student or staff member starts to feel sick, there are both rapid and PCR testing options for free at each school building.

Masks for the middle school can come off next Monday.