Pittsburgh father allegedly shoots son in leg during argument

PITTSBURGH — A Pittsburgh father is facing charges for allegedly shooting his son in the leg during an argument.

Police were called to the 1200 block of Tweed Street in the city’s Sheraden neighborhood Thursday for the report of a shooting.

According to the complaint, Jay Douglas Ashley, 62, got into an argument with his son that turned physical. Ashley told officers his son hit him in the face several times, so he got nunchucks to defend himself, according to the complaint. Ashley said his son took the nunchucks away from him so he went outside and sat in his vehicle.

A witness and the son told police he was pounding on Ashley’s driver’s side door and Ashley told him to stop. When he didn’t, Ashley opened the door and fired one shot, striking the son in the leg, according to the son and the witness.

Ashley told officers he and his son got into another tussle in the front yard and the gun went off.

Officers recovered a gun and shell casing from Ashley’s vehicle, according to the complaint.

The son, who was gone when officers arrived at the scene and spoke to them on the phone, said the bullet did not hit any major arteries and that he sustained a flesh wound. He said he did not want to press charges, according to the complaint.

Ashley is being charged with aggravated assault and a gun charge.

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