Massive metal roof blown off local business during intense weekend winds

MCKEESPORT, Pa. — A massive metal roof was blown off of a building in McKeesport on Saturday during severe storms and high winds.

Chunks of the roof are now lying in the middle of the parking lot of Rains Athletics, a cheerleading gym, while crews work to get a new roof installed.

Drew Biros is the building’s owner.

“It’s a shame that this happened and I’m just thankful none of the kids were here on a Saturday when they have gym practice,” Biros said. “The wind just kept picking at the back of the roof and it folded over the front.”

The severe storms tore through the region Saturday afternoon while cheerleaders who practice at Rain Athletics were competing in Ohio. The owners and athletes found out what happened to their gym before taking the mat. When the roof was ripped off, three furnaces tipped over, the gas lines snapped, and gas leaked into the building. Emergency crews quickly shut everything off.

The building’s owner says the gym’s parking lot is normally packed with parents and cheerleaders coming and going. He said someone was looking out for the 500 athletes and families who practice here and just happened to be out of town.

“I’m a big believer in that,” Biros said. “I’d say a little bit of luck on their side.”

The building’s owner is now working to get the gym moved into a location next door where the roof is sturdy, while a new roof is put on the section of the building where the roof was ripped off.

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